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Below you can see some of the Bearded Dragon morphs that DVM Exotics proudly owns. These morphs include Hypomelanistics (Hypos), Translucents (Trans), American Smoothies/American Leathers, Italian Leatherbacks as well as normal scaled Breaded Dragons. We work with such color morphs as Chris Allen Reds, Yellow and Orange Citrus as well as having a Het Japanese Silverback in our collection. We are also working with the exciting new Dunner morph. The Dunner is the newest dominant bearded dragon morph that has recently surfaced in the bearded dragon community and has gained huge popularity. With its multidirectional rough scales and amazing striped patterns it is obvious why this morph is so sought after.  When combined with other genes some amazing crosses have been created. We also work with a line of Bearded Dragons with Blue Eyes. This trait has risen with lots of controversy and disbelief surrounding it. There is a lot of misleading information put out there including that the animals with blue eyes are diseased. We still have yet to prove this gene out and believe it is multi factorial in its genetic components. We do discuss more details below about eyes….

Blue Eyed Bearded Dragons……

The Blue Eyed Bearded Dragons are a mysterious morph that still needs to be better understood and if possible proven out.  It is a morph that has come with great controversy and often-misinformed comments have been made about the Blue Eyes. This is a project that we undertook initially in 2010 when we brought in our first two Blue Eyed Bearded Dragons.  This has a project that we are still trying to better understand and prove out. There are Blue Eyed Bearded Dragons out there that various people own, wether they are breeders or just dedicated keepers. Some of these dragons have developed blue eyes at a later stage in life and others by the time they are 12 weeks old. Some breeders have reproduced it but appears to be random and very nonspecefic even skipping generations.  I have even discussed the blue eyed trait with various veterinarians in the field as there some out there are breeders out there that feel as this is a disease causing this trait and they are unhealthy animals. This is not true and below are direct quotes from three highly repsected veterinarians in the field.  This page may be updated as new information is gathered or depending on how our breeding results turn out. So please stay tuned or feel free to email us at any time to answer your questions.

Bradford Holmberg, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Opthalmologists, Animal Eye Center of New Jersey.


- Iris color is determined by thickness of Iris,  Thinner iris has decreased iris stromal pigment.

- Reptiles have Pigment Clusters and Keratinoides in Iris giving them true color.

- All Iris are brown pigment, thinner the iris the lighter the color and that’s what determine eye color

- Chronic Uveitis will cause darker iris

- Lighter eyes have loss of pigment seen with some disease in Mammals NOT Reptiles


o Autoimmune

- Iris gets darker with Hypoplasia

- Drugs – can cause conjunctiva to turn blue, chemo agents for example but not the iris

- No Disease that causes Iris to turn blue

- Pupil will not affect eye color or cause iris to turn blue.

- Color of iris is based on thickness.

Elliott R. Jacobson, DVM, PhD, DACZM, Professor of Zoological Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida

- I breed bush vipers that have a range of colors with their irises . No unusual mortality is linked to any one color.

Mark A. Mitchell DVM,MS,PhD, Dip. ECZM (Herpetology) ,Professor, Zoological Medicine , University of Illinois-College of Veterinary Medicine

- I have seen some blue eye dragons but they were healthy.

- If you breed something enough (like dragons are being bred), you throw genetic anomalies- albinism, blue eyes, etc.

- I do see the photokeratitis with some of the 10.0 UVB bulbs , but it is associated with corneal changes and animals holding their eyes    


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