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DVM Exotics ownes a variety of Leopard Gecko morphs.  These morphs include Tangerines,  RAPTORs, Mack Snows, Mack Snow RAPTORs,  Super Snows, Galaxies, White and Yellows, Bell Albinos, RADARS, Red and Green Stripes, G-projects, Marble Eyes and Charcoals. Below you can see a list of the morph categories we keep and breed. Some of these morphs are crossed directly to each other while some are out crossed to make some amazing new combinations. We have included pictures of most of our breeders. However all may not be featured here. Check our Available pages to see what we have to offer or simply email us. If you would like to see parents of the babies offered please ask.


There are various snow lines available in the leopard gecko industry from the Mack Snows, The Urban Gecko (TUG) Line Snow, Gem Snows and the Line Bred Snows. Here at DVM Exotics we work with the Mack Snow Line. Working with the Snow Line has allowed us to create some amazing combinations from the Mack Snows, Mack Snow RAPTORs, Super Snows, Super Snow Albinos, and one of the newest…. Super Snow Eclipse aka GALAXY/ Total Eclipse.  This is a a very exciting new morph for us to work with at DVM Exotics.  The Galaxy is a Super Snow Eclipse aka Total Eclipse that may be the foundation for creating the Pied Leopard gecko. On an individual basis, this morph has created some leopard geckos that have white legs, white tails, white rings around the necks and white faces. There are variable degrees of the white patterning even to the point where some have white patches giving them a pied appearance.  We will be crossing our Galaxy male into a Super Snow Albino het eclipse and a Mack Snow Eclipse. We will also be breeding our Galaxy Male (Super Snow Eclpise) to a WY Mack Snow with hopes of creating WY Galaxies aka the Universe.

Blue-Spot Project

We were fortunate enough receive a Blue Spot Tangerine Carrot Tail Eclipse directly from Ron Tremper. This is an amazing gecko with blue coloration on her head, tail and legs. The Blue Spot is a polygenic trait meaning mutliple genetic factors play a role in its reproduction. We are breeding this female to our GALAXY male with hopes on recreating the Blue Spots or potentially the Blue Spot Galaxy!


Albino Patternless Tremper Orange (ATORs) and Red-eyed Albino Paternless Tremper Orange (RAPTORs). The RAPTOR is a Tremper albino Eclipse and exhibits red eyes, in either a full or snake eyed variety. The APTOR is a non-eclipse version  of the morph.  RAPTORs have awide variety of outcomes including the stonewashed, reverse striped, Snow varieties and many others. Some incredible looking leopard geckos have been created from this morph.

Marble Eyes

The Marble Eye is a recently discovered line that is a recessive trait that effects eye pattern giving it a three dimensional marbled appearance hence the name Marble eye. It is not related to the eclipse or any other eye genetics out there. More recently it has been crossed into other morphs and will be seen in the various color morphs out there. We are trying to prove out our charcoal female who appears to have a marbled eye appearance of her own. She has no known eclipse or other eye genetic in her line.


The G-Project Leopard Gecko line originally came from breeding leopard geckos to try and make a more green gecko. Out popped some interesting color patterns that through selective breeding have created some of the most intense colored geckos out there, actually more red orange in color then green. Our pair is also het RAPTOR so we will be creating G-RAPTORS with this pair.

White and Yellows

We were very excited to start working with this unique morph in 2012. This morph acts like a morph enhancer and can produce some exciting outcomes, It is the new Enigma.  It allows for the creation of morph varieties that the enigma has with out the enigmas signs we as leopard gecko breeders hate to see. Our goal with this project is to create various forms of the WYs mainly WY RAPTORs, WY Mack Snows, WY Galaxies, WY Mack Snow RAPTORs, WY Tremper Albinos, and various forms of the mentioned visible with their hets.  Great combinations have come from this morph.

Charcoals/ Dark RAPTORS

An all black (hypermelanistic) leopard gecko is something that most leopard gecko breeders and keepers cant deny they want or be part of creating.  To date there has been  a few dark lines that have arisen…the Black Pearl, Charcoal, Dark RAPTOR/Blood lines.  We currently work with a couple of dark females from JMG Reptiles and plan on expanding on this project in the future. One of these females actually have eyes that appear to have the marble eye effect but no eye genetic in their line. This is something that we plan on trying to prove out.


Tangerine leopard geckos come in a wide array of variants, some with no spots, some with reduced spots, some with carrottails, some patternless or others with bands of varying degree of color.  There are also various lines of tangerines that certain breeders have created and worked with. We currently own a small group of tangerines that originally started with a nice Deep orange male we picked up from Sasobeks Reptiles and 2 Female Electirc/Bell Hybinos that we picked up from HISS. That group has produced some amazing tangerines of various oranges, yellows and even reds. In fact we have created a couple that have such deep orange/red color that they had to stay here to continue our efforts to create very red leopard geckos.