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We are a private breeder of Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos and Ball Pythons.  Originally founded and operated in 2004 by Christopher Stancel, DVM who is not only a fellow hobbyist but also an Avian and Exotic Animal Veterinarian for the Dog, Cat & Bird Clinic of Nutley (www.dogcatbird.net). He has been caring for exotic pets since a small child and has a love and passion for these amazing creatures as well as veterinary medicine. He later partnered with fellow coworkers and friends who share the same passion to open the door for some of the more eccentric lines to come into our collection.

Breeding for us is a hobby and for fun, not for  profit. We believe in breeding for quality not quantity; providing the best possible care we can for our animals and trying to produce some of the most beautiful  animals possible. We treat breeding as a science and pay strict attention to feeding, shedding, temperature cycles and humidity.  We track all these events and keep strict records of this data to always better what we are doing.  Photographs are taken of every witnessed lock between males and females as well as every clutch laid and the initial hatching of all our babies. We enjoy producing some of the most amazing morphs out there and hopefully you will enjoy bringing some of these magnificent animals into your home.